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Connecting you with Alaska athletes

The Alaska Sports Report mission is to celebrate Alaska athletes achieving great things around the world. Alaska’s sports culture is woven through the fabric of life in The Last Frontier. We provide a unifying voice for our state’s vast and diverse sports community.

Alaska Sports Report is an expansion of the Alaska Sports Blog. Under the leadership of current Alaska Sports Report editor Van Williams the blog produced more than 5,000 stories on over 1,000 athletes since its inception in 2009.

Alaska Sports Report is owned by the Alaska Sports Hall of Fame, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. ASR uses a sponsor-driven model to ensure a financially solvent and quality product. From the Denali level down to Booster, sponsors will feel a sense of ownership. Become a sponsor today »

Our Priorities

  • Produce content appealing to Alaska’s diverse sports fans
  • Produce timely news stories
  • Instill a sense of pride in Alaskans about their athletes and state
  • Foster a sense of community
  • Embrace innovation and technology to better tell stories and engage users
  • Be responsive to public feedback and news tips
  • Provide a forum for athletes to share their voices and experiences.
  • Recognize sponsors and supporters in an appealing and meaningful way.
  • Preserve Alaska’s sports history by integrating features of the Alaska Sports Hall of Fame website.
  • Promote the work of like-minded organizations.

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